From day one, we’ve always felt like we’re their #1 customer.

Warren Equipment Company is a specialized heavy equipment machinery and services company that was formed in 1971 in West Texas. The family-owned-and-operated company has a 30-year-long history of doing business with Craft Office Systems, and today, Warren Equipment Company and its subsidiaries rely on Craft to help manage the facilities needs of over 1.4 million square feet of space spread out over seven states.

In 2015, Jeremy Olive, Warren’s Senior Facilities Manager, engaged with Craft to solve a straightforward need for office furniture. The professional and personal relationship that has developed since then has been instrumental in Warren Equipment’s growth as a company.

Buying on Principle

When a company needs to purchase a few desks for their employees, they have a choice between opting to do business with large ‘big-box’ stores for a quick fix or working with a more local provider like Craft.

In Jeremy Olive’s case, he had an existing bid in hand for the three desks Warren Equipment needed for their Abilene office. Just to ensure that he was doing his due diligence, Jeremy contacted Greg Lancto at Craft Office Systems and requested a quote for the same office equipment.

To his surprise, Jeremy learned that Craft was able to slash his in-hand bid price by nearly 50%, without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. This buying experience was all it took to forge a virtually exclusive office furniture purchasing relationship for all new builds throughout the Warren Equipment network of companies.

During one project, Greg Lancto at Craft Office Systems paid a visit to Warren Equipment’s 116,000-square-foot Oklahoma City facility. During this visit, Greg evaluated the entire site twice and provided multiple options for outfitting the space with functional, high-quality office furniture. Greg stayed on-site throughout the installation to ensure that everything went smoothly.

This focus on providing outstanding customer service is one of the linchpins that continues to foster the ongoing relationship between Warren Equipment and Craft Office Systems.

Expansion into Janitorial and Facilities

With the success that was proven within the office furniture side of the business, it wasn’t long before the senior management within Warren Equipment Company caught wind of the cost savings and operational efficiencies that Craft was providing.

Soon, there was an opportunity to bid on a sizeable janitorial and cleaning supplies contract.

At the time, we were going through Staples and Grainger, and neither one of those companies really cared whether we gave them our business or not. We didn’t feel like we were getting any kind of personal attention, whereas with Craft, we really felt like they were a partner who truly cared about our company’s ongoing success.

Until engaging with Craft for janitorial and facilities products, Warren Equipment locations were using disparate products sourced from numerous vendors with very little control over what was being purchased and when.

This disorganization was a source of wasted time and money, and Craft was able to bring structure to the chaos with a company-wide purchasing strategy that helped to identify standards for cleaning supplies, soap dispensers, sanitizers, bath tissue, paper towels, and much more.

Craft was able to completely manage the full scope of Warren Equipment’s janitorial and facilities product inventory, including integration of web stores and a customized order approval system.

Today, all of Warren Equipment’s Permian Basin locations rely on Craft for comprehensive janitorial and facilities inventory management.

Image provided by Warren Equipment

The Craft Difference for Warren Equipment Company

After 30 years of doing business together, the relationship between Craft Office Systems and Warren Equipment is as strong as ever.

Jeremy Olive describes it thusly: “Craft does for us what we strive to do for our customers—namely, provide personalized customer service at every opportunity. Just a few months ago, one of our locations ran out of drinking water, which created a high-stress situation for our employees there.” 

“I called Greg at Craft and within hours we had three pallets of fresh drinking water on our docks. This is just one example of how Craft takes care of us and treats us like we are their #1 customer. You just don’t get that kind of treatment from the big names.”

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