Coffee and Breakroom

Your Coffee and Breakroom Concierge

Give your team the energy boost they need to start their day without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors or running to the store.

When hunger hits, we have you covered. Snacks, cups, napkins, plasticware…whatever your employees need to work their best. We keep the shelves stocked so you can focus on running your business.

With Craft, all of your coffee and breakroom needs are met, resulting in more efficient teams that do their best work. And when you’re searching for opportunities to manage your breakroom spend more efficiently, we have the tools to track ongoing consumption and maximize your budget.


Coffee Systems
and Supplies

Keep stocked and going strong with the highest-quality coffee, coffee brewers, and inventory management services.

Traditional and Single-Cup Brewers

We carry traditional, commercial-grade coffee makers and Keurig single-cup brewing systems, and we offer a broad portfolio of coffee brands.

Depending on your needs, service may include coffee and breakroom solution analysis, brewer placement, preventive maintenance, and repair.

Delicious, Premium Coffee

We offer the freshest, fullest flavor and most affordable coffee for your workplace. When it comes to breakroom coffee, your employees and guests deserve an invigorating, great-tasting cup of coffee that won't break the bank!

You can count on Craft to provide a vast array of flavors, blends, and gourmet coffee options.

And when your coffee stock is low, we're already on the job. Our Office Concierge service means you never have to worry about running out of coffee ever again.

Breakroom Inventory Management

Who handles your breakroom inventory? If you have an outside vendor working to keep your breakroom stocked, is their schedule inconsistent or erratic? Will they occasionally not show up or respond to phone calls? Worse yet, will they overstock your shelves, tying up your resources and leaving you overrun with expired product?

If there’s no flexibility or reliability with your current vendor, this can lead to unnecessary expenses, unreliable inventory, and inefficiencies.

Craft keeps you running strong with a consistently replenished breakroom supplies inventory. With one-stop shopping, you can rely on us to deliver everything you need to keep the breakroom running smoothly.

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Craft Office Systems has solved the problem of coffee and breakroom management, once and for all! To learn more about how we can save time and cost for your business while providing your employees and guests with a better breakroom experience, contact us now.