For nearly 20 years, Craft has been a ‘service-first’ partner in cost reduction.

ProPetro Services is a Midland, Texas-based oilfield services company. They provide hydraulic fracturing and other complementary services to leading upstream oil and gas companies. 

They are one of the few publicly traded companies founded in the Permian Basin and headquartered in Midland, Texas. 

Modest Beginnings

The Craft Office Systems/ProPetro relationship began in 2005 when ProPetro was founded. At the time, ProPetro had a stated goal of becoming a best-in-class hydraulic fracturing platform while providing ancillary services like cementing. 

As ambitious of a goal as this was, ProPetro was operating out of a small building—with offices that needed some basic office furniture. Thomas Bruder, Director of Facilities and Security Management, recalls that Craft was instrumental in ProPetro’s evolution from their humble beginnings to where they are now: a publicly held company with over 30 site locations (and growing). 

What started as a straightforward office furniture job grew exponentially. As ProPetro scaled into bigger and bigger operations, Craft was able to continuously accommodate their expanding needs for office supplies, coffee services, janitorial and facility supplies, and even drinking water for their employees. 

Now, ProPetro relies on the team at Craft to help with design and space planning for new locations. As new sites come online, Craft can anticipate the need for equipment and services that will make things run as smoothly as possible during their continued growth phase.

Why Craft?

ProPetro could have chosen anyone among dozens of office supply companies to work with over the years, so what is it about Craft that keeps ProPetro so loyal? 

According to Bruder, it all boils down to the personal attention that ProPetro receives from a local partner they know they can trust. 

He says, “It’s ok to occasionally work with the big companies, but being able to work with someone who has 17 years invested with us—and who wants to invest even more with us—you just can’t find that with the bigger national companies.”

In this business, time is money. Clear communication on orders, quick turnaround on delivery, and consistent reliability combine to save an immense amount of time. When you add this to the cost savings that Craft actively looks for at every turn, the result is a leaner, more efficient operation of our business, and that translates into bigger profits.

Integration with Procurement Systems

An important aspect of working with ProPetro was the ability to integrate with their procure-to-pay system, COUPA. 

This was a significant undertaking, as it required the development of client-specific ordering processes that maintained accurate documentation throughout the supply chain. It also meant that Craft needed to adapt as a company to keep pace with the growth that ProPetro was experiencing, particularly in the run-up to their IPO in 2017.

Craft was the first ProPetro vendor that was able to create and integrate a punchout with COUPA, which made subsequent orders seamless and easy to track on both sides. Craft adapted to the way ProPetro needed items sorted, distributed, and delivered across departments, buildings, and complexes. 

A side effect of a holistically integrated ordering system was that now, ProPetro didn’t have to hold major inventory on hand, tying up warehouse space. Craft was handling the logistics, and ProPetro was able to focus on fulfilling their promises to clients in the oilfield. “For over 18 years now, we have relied on Craft for just about everything they offer: coffee service, office and janitorial/facility supplies, design and space planning, outfitting new buildings, and even our drinking water. We honestly do not know where we would be without Craft. They are absolute experts at what they do.”

Throughout this integration process, Craft and ProPetro continued to look for ways to solve problems by looking at usage and considering alternatives to services and products that might be improved. Bruder acknowledges that this is simply not something you would find working with mega-sized office supply companies.

Image provided by ProPetro

The Power of the People at Craft

To Bruder, what makes Craft such a pleasure to work with is the friendliness, approachability, and respect embodied by the Craft team. 

He says, “A lot of companies will use the internet to distance themselves from their customers, relying on automation and technology to do business. Where’s the personal touch there? It doesn’t exist. The companies that exceed today are constantly concerned at every step—always mindful of what’s happening within the client and anticipating their needs. That’s what’s going to keep customers coming back.” 

A great example of this ‘personal touch’ is when Craft anticipated the need for essentials during COVID,  like Clorox, hand sanitizers, and office hygiene products, when all the big box stores had zero stock. ProPetro was able to engage with Craft to source necessary supplies so the company could continue operations despite a worsening pandemic situation. 

Craft was there during ProPetro’s time of need, and now, they wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for their office supply needs. 

For ProPetro, what’s most important is the partnership and communication that has remained a mainstay in their everyday interactions with Craft. The help with waste reduction, improved efficiencies, and cost reduction have come as a result of this. 

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