Furniture Solutions

For Seating, Meeting,
& More

At Craft Office Systems, our furniture sourcing service helps you save both time and money, while making a sound investment in quality furniture.

Whether you need a single piece of furniture or a more comprehensive systems installation, we share our expertise to help you make better decisions. We are experienced in providing solutions from leading manufacturers of fine office furniture, such as HON, National, Lorell, and more.

From your first interaction with us, we have you covered on logistics and project management for fast-tracked (we’re talking days!) to long-range projects. We tailor our furniture design, delivery, and installation services to each customer depending upon needs and location.


Beyond Chairs
and Desks

We do more than just the furniture basics…

Office Space Design and Planning

Considering new furniture for a move to a new location? Thinking about upgrading your current office space? Our professional space planners provide expert advice on furniture layout. We also partner with professional interior design and architectural firms for added assistance when needed.

Furniture Consultations

Navigating the myriad of furniture options in today’s marketplace can be a daunting task. We provide free consultations to help narrow down the options and better understand the furniture that will work best for you while keeping everything within budget.

Delivery, Assembly, and Installation

Have you ever been surprised or aggravated by the time, effort and hassle involved in carrying in, unboxing, and assembling a new piece of furniture in your office? Leave it to Craft! You can rely on us to do the heavy lifting of managing furniture installations of any size—from small, simple orders to multi-site, mega projects.

Seating “Test Drives”

An office chair can make your day...or ruin it! It is critical that you have the best possible chair for your budget, and one size definitely does not fit all people. We help you find the right chair in terms of fit, functionality, aesthetics, and cost. We'll even bring out a sample chair for you to 'test drive' so you can feel comfortable you've made the right choice.

Ergonomic Solutions

We carry a complete line of ergonomic products that address the basic causes of work-related discomfort. And we can help identify how to improve workspace arrangement, such as positioning key equipment like sit-stand workstations.

Internal Office Moves

Are you planning on moving your existing furniture to another office space within the same building? We can help! Ask us how we can provide on-site assistance with relocating the furniture you already have to your new location.


Furniture Lines We Carry

We proudly carry office furniture from some of the most respected manufacturers in the country.


Have Furniture Questions? We Have Answers!

At Craft Office Systems, we are passionate about helping our clients find the most cost-effective, high-quality furniture solutions quickly and effectively.