Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

I think I didn’t do a very good job of staying organized over the winter months… my desk is a mess! It’s not all my fault; hippos aren’t exactly the cleanest animals out there! Now that spring is in the air I think it’s time I spend a few minutes each day cleaning out the dust from my keyboard and wiping down my desk. Are you in the mood for spring cleaning?

Along with all the top name brand cleaning products you know and love, Craft Office Systems also offers great value brands for effective cost savings, like Genuine Joe. JanSan products from Genuine Joe are cost effective and produce the same great results as the leading brands. Check out some of the products we offer:

We also carry Genuine Joe cleaning equipment like mops, brooms, cleaning cloths and more!

From the breakroom to the office to the restroom and more, we have all the spring cleaning products you’re looking for (including those in bulk). Contact Craft today and start chipping away at your spring cleaning list.