Your Break Room Barista

Mmmmmm, I just love coming to work and smelling coffee in the break room! Imagine having a barista working around the clock for you. She would whip up a cappuccino or hot chocolate whenever you needed that extra kick. Well with Craft, it’s possible!

We offer a wide variety of coffee machines, from BUNN to Keurig to Colibri. Oh, and our coffee selection is an aspiring barista’s dream come true. As you already know, we’ve partnered with Big Bend Coffee Roasters to bring you premium organic coffee, but you may not know that we also offer Folgers, Papa Nicholas, Green Mountain K-cups, and more.

Our coffee machine selection covers everyone’s needs. Our BUNN coffee machines are perfect for those with simpler tastes. And with K-cups, the Keurig coffee machine is perfect for a quick cup of coffee and an easy clean up.

But now we should talk about my favorite coffee machine, the Colibri bean-to-cup coffee machine. It’s the reason I sprint to the break room in the morning. This little machine has eight different beverage options, and comes with a built in grinder so your coffee is absolutely fresh. Whether it’s a black coffee kind of morning or a French vanilla afternoon, the Colibri bean-to-cup coffee machine has it covered.  With stainless steel filters and an Automatic Wash Cycle, it’s easy to clean up after yourself. I might have to consider getting one for my home!