Why Buy Fair Trade Coffee?

Have you ever wondered who farmed the coffee you brew in your morning cup? Most coffee beans come from Africa, where growers work in unhealthy conditions and make very little pay. In fact, in some conventional farms, workers must pick 100 pounds of coffee to earn just $3 a day. You can learn more about the dark side of coffee here. Luckily, you don’t have to get rid of your morning ritual; ethical coffee companies like Alpine Roastery participate in a program called Fair Trade.

Fair Trade gives companies an opportunity to buy coffee from farmers with healthy work conditions and fair pay. In 2006, George Yost, the CEO of Alpine Roastery, visited Africa and met with 100 farming families to start what he calls the Africa Coffee Project. Through this project Alpine Roastery offers 3 times the wages and provides free transportation to work, free doctor visits for the workers and their families, and two free meals a day.

Because of the relationships that Alpine Roastery has made with Fair Trade coffee farmers, they are able to provide not only the most guilt-free coffee, but also the freshest. All Alpine Roastery coffee is roasted to order, meaning not until an order is placed, are the beans roasted. By the time you sip Alpine coffee, it is less than 1 month old from roasting for the freshest coffee in town. Most national coffee brands are available for sale 4-6 months after roasting.

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