Better Whiteboards, Better Communication

Whiteboards have become an office essential for all companies because they are easy-to-use, sleek, and clean. Well, most of them are clean. After so many hours of meeting and collaboration, have you started to notice that your boards have become the color of the marker you’re using?

Craft Office SystemsNo, it’s not your wet or dry erase marker; it may be your board. When color residue is left behind, it’s called “ghosting,” and once your board starts to ghost it starts to lose its sleek and clean appearance. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a low-cost traditional whiteboard, you may have to replace it sooner than expected. The whiteboards that are on the low end of the price spectrum are made out of a plastic called melamine. They are harder to clean and tend to leave those pesky little reminders of previous collaborations, which in turn can jumble your current communications.

When the traditional whiteboard just won’t do, we have the answer for you. For an upscale and professional look, the glass dry erase board will give you the flawless functionality of a whiteboard without running the risk of streaking or staining.

Glass boards are engineered to provide the ultimate optical experience, giving depth of field, good contrast, and ambient light toleration. Because of the versatile and smooth surface, the glass board is compatible with any dry or wet erase markers or grease pens. The glass board is easy to clean and will never bother you with streaks or ghosting again. No more guessing who didn’t use the right marker or why you can still see yesterday’s notes on your supposedly clean whiteboard.

Craft Office SystemsNot interested in a glass board? Surfaces like porcelain mean less cleaning too. Quartet® has a wonderful line called Total Erase®. Total Erase® whiteboards offer high-level performance that is a worthwhile investment – the best whiteboard for a typical office. With a writing surface that resists ghosting and staining, you can count on these boards to stand up to all your professional communication and collaboration needs. A light grid is printed on the board surface to help keep writing aligned.

No matter which whiteboard you choose, maintenance is the key factor for optimal results in use of the board. With any board keep it clean by erasing your work when you’re done. If your whiteboard isn’t clean, you will not want to use it. A secret we learned a while back is to use a whiteboard cleaner once a week to give it a good clean.

When it comes to the right whiteboard for your office, it all comes down to frequency of usage and overall fit. If you want advice customized for your business, give one of our Relationship Builders a call.