Bringing Value to Your Workplace with My CraftWorks™ Program

If you’re familiar with our My CraftWorks™ program, then you’re probably already in love with our free, next day delivery service and your Relationship Builder. But there’s so much more value to My CraftWorks™ than just convenient delivery! Our program can help you save on costs with additional services, like the following:


Craft Office Systems

Sub n’ Save
As a way to help you save money, we’ll help you find value brands (e.g., generic) or other brand alternatives to the products you most commonly order. In our webstore, we can customize Sub n’ Save lists for your company so that when you add an item to your Cart, we’ll prompt you with a “suggested” product that can save you money. You decide if the “suggested” item meets the quality standards for the intended purpose of the product. Then choose which product to add to your Cart. It’s that simple to Sub n’ Save!

Craft Office Systems

Management Controls
It’s important to know that you have control over what your employees are purchasing. Craft offers the following webstore features for improving transparency and accountability for purchases while aligning your purchases with your company’s business goals:

  • Order Approval – Managers review buyers’ Carts before submitting their orders to Craft. Order Approval rules can vary by manager, buyer and parameters for order review (e.g., all orders, any order over $50). Order Approvers may approve orders, add or delete items or reject orders.
  • Budget Limits and Monitoring – You have the ability to set up budgets by month, quarter, etc. with the flexibility to assign budgets to individual webstore logins. You can track orders by budget or special projects and monitor your performance against budgets.
  • Company Lists – Promote the use of Company Lists that identify core office supplies and highlight company preferences for standardization. These lists can also highlight generic alternatives that help save time while placing orders.

Craft Office Systems

Business Reviews and Spend Analysis
We offer business reviews as well as spend analysis to help your company save money. These reports dig into your spending history and patterns, highlighting  information such as top products by purchase value, product group mix, monthly purchases, year-on-year spend comparison and ship-to analysis.

In addition to giving you the flexibility you need to efficiently run your business, My CraftWorks™ will help you cut costs by finding solutions to problems you may not have known existed. For more information on the value of My CraftWorks™, contact Craft today.