Types of Office Seating

Because most people spend a lot of time in their office chairs, make sure you choose the right chair for the job.  With so many chair offerings, it can be overwhelming to figure out which chair will meet your needs (and budget).  And, we all know that one size does not fit all.

This is where Craft can help!  We help you identify what type of chair you need by looking at important factors such as functionality, support, aesthetics and cost.  To help you make just the right choice, we can deliver a sample chair to your workplace for a test drive, and we’ll leave it with you so you can have the time necessary to determine if one of them is right for you.  By using the chair for two to three days, you can be sure that you’ve made a wise investment in your comfort and your productivity.

Starting to look now?  Check out below the various types of office seating available at Craft.

MLNULEXBLK Executive Chairs – Distinctive and elegant seating for managers and executives, available in a range of materials and in both high- and mid-back heights.



HONN103CU42Task Chairs – Versatile and supportive seating that’s designed for more intensive office functions.




HONPN1AUUCU90TStacking/Nesting Chairs – Perfect for meetings, luncheons and a variety of other uses, these chairs stack or nest easily to store conveniently when not in use.




HONIS108CU42Guest Chairs – For individual offices, larger reception areas, meeting rooms and break rooms, these functional chairs can be ordered with or without casters.




HONIT108NT10Stools – When elevated seating is required, stools provide a comfortable option for applications such as drafting tables, work benches, parts counters, or cafe’ tables.