To Be or Not To Be – New Year’s Resolutions

Another new year is quickly approaching so Hank has been working on his new year’s resolutions. Hank was going to style his office with color, exercise more and learn about nutrition. But, then he read a blog by Kayla Matthews on The Huffington Post from 12/11/2015 and now he’s not so sure.

hank-new-yearAccording to the blog, 25% of people who make resolutions give up after a week.  People become stressed out that they are “failures” for not meeting resolutions and after awhile, the resolutions become a distant memory as the year goes by.

If you’re going to make new year’s resolutions, then Hank believes you need to keep the following principles in mind:

  • Make Small, Immediate Changes.  Long-term goals such as lose weight or change careers are long-term goals and can prove difficult to achieve.  Rather than focusing on lifestyle changes that take time, identify goals that are “smaller resolutions” where you see immediate changes.  Examples include eat one piece of fruit a day, start reading more, and watch less television.  Keep it simple, small and easy to adapt.
  • Motivate from Within. Think about changes you want to make to improve yourself, rather than impressing others or keeping up with what others are doing.  The only person that needs to know your resolution and how you are making progress is yourself.  Making resolutions to have others notice or be impressed lack the intrinsic motivation you need to achieve a resolution.
  • Make Goals Throughout the Year. While tradition recognizes the beginning of a new year as an ideal time to set resolutions, don’t force yourself in making resolutions if the timing doesn’t make sense.  Wait until you are fully committed and the timing is right.