‘Tis the Season to Drink Good Coffee

The holidays are here! I can tell because the decorations are going up, gifts are being purchased, and enticing smells are wafting from the break room, which mean one thing – seasonal coffee flavors!

Fall brought us the warm flavors of Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Harvest, but are you ready for yummy Gingerbread, Spicy Eggnog, or Holiday Blend?  ‘Tis the season to sip some holiday spirit!

Christmas cappuccino

Green Mountain coffee has put the flavors and aroma of fresh-baked warm Gingerbread into these convenient K-Cups. Combining flavors and roasts is very similar to working with your favorite recipes. After baking various recipes and experimenting with different flavors, the final result tastes almost like my favorite gingerbread pastry. YUM!

A Limited Edition Seasonal treat that I know some of our customers have been waiting for is Spicy Eggnog. With just a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, the warm flavors of the holiday season are brewed just right, and they’re available for your break room.

Although everyone gets excited for the specialty brews, I know there are a lot of customers who can’t get enough of the traditional Holiday Blend. Inspired by this festive time of year, the Holiday Blend features medium and dark roast coffees for a cup that’s cheerfully bright with toasted nut and mild fruit notes, but hearty enough to make winter just a little bit warmer.

Enjoy the holidays with our seasonal beverages for your Keurig. And don’t forget, Craft offers not only seasonal flavors but also over 120 beverage options year-round. If you’re interested in a commercial Keurig brewer, call Craft for a free break room consultation. We’ll meet with you to help decide which brewer best fits your office needs.