The Perfect Remedies for the Cold and Flu Blues

The war against office germs is always a challenge, but during the flu and cold season these viruses make it even more difficult to stay healthy and productive. If you want to beat the cold and flu this year, prevention will be key!

Sanitize. Before you eat or touch your face use hand sanitizer. Give each employee a small dispenser for their desk and place large dispensers in the bathroom and other common areas like the break room. Both wipes and gel based formulas will kill 99.9% of germs.

Disinfect germy areas. The best way to disinfect high germ areas like door knobs and keyboards is to use convenient disinfectant wipes. For added protection, wear a pair of gloves while cleansing these areas.

Remind employees to wash hands. Hang colorful signs in the restroom that give tips on proper hand washing. Washing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent sickness.

Provide tissues. If an employee needs to sneeze, make sure they have tissues on their desk to stop germs from spreading.

Follow these prevention tips, and make this cold and flu season your healthiest yet.  Check out some of my favorite supplies to stay healthy and productive!

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