The Best Way to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here and we know it’s important to stay cool and hydrated during these hot months. Even if you work in an air-conditioned environment, it’s a good idea to drink water throughout the day, because once you step outside the heat will get to you.

Are you running to the store to buy bottled water?  Or are you using a water company to bring bottles to you?  For clean, filtered bottled water for your employees and visitors to re-hydrate throughout the day, check out why Craft’s one-stop-shop for the workplace will satisfy your thirst for improved productivity, cost effectiveness and more energy!

Here are reasons why it makes more sense to go with Craft for your bottled water.

Great Hospitality
There are always clients and other visitors coming and going in an office, sometimes unannounced! Having a full stock of refreshments, especially bottled water, is always a great idea to make anyone feel welcome. Ever dealt with a cheap plastic bottle that crushes really easily when you unscrew the lid and water dumps in your lap?  Craft’s brands of bottled water are made of stronger plastic that won’t cause embarrassing incidents for you or your visitors.  Worried about spills at desks damaging paper or worse, pouring onto keyboards?  Bottled water is the safest way to go.  And by providing a water bottle instead of a plastic cup, employees and visitors are not rushed to finish their drink – they can comfortably take it with them!

Looking for ways to streamline your operation to save time and money for improved productivity?  Cut costs out of the procurement cycle by leveraging a one-stop-shop solution.  By using Craft for your water needs, you benefit from the same customer service team to handle your order, your Relationship Builder for delivery and stocking of bottled water, one invoice for payment (including cost center information  if needed), and usage reporting for budgetary analysis.  Why use multiple vendors that require additional effort and time when you can keep it simple with Craft?

No Minimum Purchase
With some of the water delivery companies there are minimum purchase requirements, which can lead to overstocking or prove frustrating if you don’t have the storage capacity. Don’t want to tie up money in pallets of water?  Concerned about overstocked water walking off?  Want your water in the exact quantities you need, may it be small one week and large the next?

With Craft there are no minimum purchases. If you only need one case of water for a meeting, we can do that! Or if you’d like to stock up for the summer, we offer water by the pallet.  So count on Craft to deliver the water you need on a next-day basis.

Let Craft do the Hefty Work
Here at Craft, we’re known for our outstanding service. You already know that we deliver right to your door, desk, copy room and more from small items to heavy items like copy paper.  Let us do the hefty work with bottled water!  Water is heavy so don’t worry about rounding up multiple employees to help carry in your order.  Or rather than spending time and labor on running to a wholesale club, improve productivity on more mission-critical activities by relying on Craft to bring the water to you.