Take a Peek at HP Rebates and Rewards

Cash back, mail-in rebates, gift cards! At work we’re always updating our desktops and stocking up on printing supplies, so why not get a few rewards? Craft is a proud partner with HP and we love to educate our customers about savings that HP offers through rebates, offers and the PurchasEdge program.

If you’re curious about rebates, check out our website for current offers. Just click Online Tools -> Rebates -> and you’re there!

Here’s an example of the awesome rebates HP offers. Now through December 31st, HP is offering their Trade-in and Save promotion. If your office printer is an older model and it’s time for an update, here’s your chance!

Here’s how to participate:

1. Purchase a new HP LaserJet Printer.
Let’s face it; your old office printer isn’t very energy efficient and may not last much longer. Now is the time to look into a new HP LaserJet printer or Multi-Function printer.

2. Submit your claim.
“Dear HP, I recently purchased a printer that qualifies for your Trade-in and Save promotion. Will you please take my old one and recycle it?”

3. Ship your old printer.
HP says, “of course!” and sends you a free shipping label.

4. Receive up to $500 cash back!
Enough said.

For more information and a list of qualifying printers, click here.