Swingline Sets the Standard for Trimmers

Swingline® sets the standard in stylish office supplies with the new Infinity™ ClassicCut® Acrylic trimmer. The guillotine style trimmer is crystal clear in color, resembling glass, and has a red laser light to illuminate the cutting line.

The acrylic trimmer is a great choice for any organization with regular paper trimming needs. For more precise trimming, ease of use and consistent performance, count on the Infinity™ ClassicCut® Acrylic trimmer series.

Swingline Trimmer

No other acrylic trimmer will give you the functionality listed below while looking sleek and performing at its best for your office.  Checkout highlights listed below.

  • Clear, acrylic trimmer base provides a cutting surface that is both durable and fashionable while guillotine blade makes paper trimming quick and easy
  • Battery powered laser illuminates the cutting line for clear, exact trims
  • Inch and centimeter marks and paper size guides are printed on the base to help line up paper
  • Adjustable back stop holds documents in place for perfect cutting results
  • CL410 model acrylic trimmer has a 15.25″ cutting length and the CL420 has a 18.25″ cutting length
  • Cleanly chops through up to 20-25 sheets at a time to meet the paper trimming needs of the average business and the model chosen
  • Guillotine blade is self-sharpening and can lock to prevent accidental blade movement
  • Removable, protective cutting shield and carrying handle for safe use and transportation also included
  • Limited 10 year warranty