Stop Prying Eyes

Privacy and security are top of mind for most business professionals today. With more employees working in open spaces, privacy filters are a key business solution no matter your role or type of business. Whether protecting sensitive financial records, complying with state and federal security measures to protect confidential information, securing sensitive corporate data or ensuring patient and client privacy, you can count on Fellowes PrivaScreen™ Black Privacy Filters as a solution for keeping prying eyes away from your computer screen.

These plastic filters make the screen appear black from 30° side angles. However, from your view, straight-on, you can work worry free and with ease. Watch this 30 second demo to see how the Fellowes PrivaScreen™ Black Privacy Filter works on a laptop.

Privacy filters are great for people who work in healthcare, financial, or corporate jobs, but especially for those that are mobile workers. According to the People Security Visual Data Breach Risk Assessment Study, 55% of working professionals work on their laptop in a high-traffic public area at least one hour a week.  Coffee shops, airport terminals and libraries are key places to keep your data private and secure.

So take the first step in protecting your privacy by measuring the size of your computer screen and choose from one of these quality privacy screens from Fellowes.  Then call Craft, and we will help you prevent prying eyes.

Fellowes PrivaScreen Blackout Privacy Filter - 21.5 Wide Black
Fellowes PrivaScreen Blackout Privacy Filter - 21.5" Wide Black
Fellowes Privacy Screen Filter For Laptop
Fellowes Flat Panel Privacy Screen Filter
Fellowes Laptop/Flat Panel Privacy Filter - 19.0" Wide Black

Fellowes Flat Panel Privacy Widescreen Filter
Fellowes Laptop/Flat Panel Privacy Filter - 15.4" Wide Black
Fellowes Laptop/Flat Panel Privacy Filter - 17.0" Wide Black

Fellowes Laptop/Flat Panel Privacy Filter - 22.0" Wide Black