Stay Hydrated with Bottled Water and Electrolytes

It’s starting to warm up so make sure you are prepared to keep everyone well hydrated and safe. Your employees and visitors are going to feel the heat so why not offer them bottled water. And you can count on Craft if you need electrolytes to keep your employees who work outside safe and productive.

Bottled Water
Craft Office Systems, Midland, Texas
By using Craft for your bottled water, you benefit from one-stop-shopping: the same customer service team to handle your order, your Relationship Builder for delivery and stocking of bottled water, one invoice for payment (including cost center information if needed), and usage reporting for budgetary analysis. Why use multiple vendors that require additional effort and time when you can keep it simple with Craft?

Some water delivery companies charge for delivery and/or have strict minimum purchase requirements, which can lead to overstocking or prove frustrating if you don’t have the storage capacity. With Craft there are no minimum purchase requirements. If you need one case of water for a meeting, we can do that. Or if you’d like to stock up for the summer, we offer water by the pallet.

You know that we deliver right to your door, desk, copy room and more from small items to heavy items like copy paper. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to your bottled water. Water is heavy so don’t worry about having to round up multiple employees to help carry in your order. Or rather than spending time and labor on running to a wholesale club, improve productivity on more mission-critical activities by relying on Craft to bring the water to you.

Have employees working outside in the heat?  Keep your employees safely hydrated by using one of the leading electrolytes in the market – Sqwincher ZERO.

Craft Office Systems, Midland TexasSqwincher ZERO is a sugar-free sport drink. Sqwincher was developed to keep those involved in highly physical activities (like working outside in the sun) energized and alert. Sqwincher ZERO is NOT a sugar-filled energy drink that will make you crash later. Instead of sugar, this drink is packed with electrolytes, which are minerals that keep your body working and combat fatigue. Sqwincher ZERO comes in individual packets, so your employees can choose the flavor they want and mix it into their water.

Summer is coming up fast so don’t wait! Contact Craft today for your boost of positive energy.