Solutions for a Safe Work Environment

Did you know that most workplace incidents are preventable? Those unplanned and undesired events cost your business big money with lost productivity, medical bills, legal fees, damaged equipment and property, and loss of reputation to name a few. By taking a few proactive steps, you can help keep you business and employees safe and healthy.

Safety SolutionsYou’ll find lots of safety products within our Safety & Security and Healthcare & Medical solutions. Keep safety first with the following goals.

Be Prepared in Case of an Emergency – Anything can happen at any given time. Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and diagnostic equipment should be clearly marked and in known locations. For those environments where chemicals are a concern, eyewash stations are important to have on hand.

Take Extra Care With Hazardous Materials – Hazardous materials are serious safety concerns, and we offer products that help meet OSHA requirements. You’ll find blood pathogen and emergency spill kits, germicidal cleaners, infectious waste containers and bags, as well as sharp containers. Safety Data Sheet racks and binders, flammable liquid cabinets, spill pads, respirators, coveralls and so much more is available at Craft.

Protect Your Most Valuable Players – Keep your most important assets with the right protective outerwear. Gloves, hard hats, goggles, ear protection, respirators, vests, back supports, coveralls, and fall protection kits go a long way in keeping your employees safe from harm.

Take Precautionary Measures to Avoid Stumbles and Tumbles – Slipping on wet surfaces or tripping over a foreign object can cause serious injury and cost your company big money. Ensuring non-slip mats and umbrella bags are strategically placed at entrances and exits can prevent embarrassing and painful wipe outs. Craft has caution signage, tread tape, ground cord covers and more. Find a variety of non-slip mats, cable management, signage and safety cones too!