Skate into Savings with Sub-n-Save

Hank is all about bringing savings to your work place. Skate into savings with Craft’s web store feature called Sub-n-Save. This feature automates the process of finding value brands at a lower cost when your users add items to their shopping carts, bringing savings at the click of a mouse.

hank-and-gogglesAs part of this feature, Craft analyzes your company’s spend to find value brands or brand alternatives to the products most commonly ordered.  You decide upon preferred substitutes and whether the substitute is a “hard sub” (auto substitution) or a “soft sub” (user has the choice).

  • Hard subs – When a user adds an item to the shopping cart, the system automatically converts the item to the lower cost alternative without prompting the user to make a choice or giving the ability to override the substitution.


  • Soft subs – When a user adds add an item to the shopping cart, the system first highlights a similar product that costs less. The user then decides whether the suggested product meets the needs and quality desired, adding to the shopping cart whichever item is desired.

Call Craft today if you’re interested in learning more how Craft can help you save money!