SCRUBS® all-in-one Maintenance

What’s my favorite part of the day? Lunch time!  I’m a big guy so I like to pack a big, hearty lunch, and I always remember to bring dessert. What’s my least favorite part of the day? Opening the microwave to see that it needs a serious clean up before I put my food in it.

People can be messy, but Craft has an idea that will help everyone clean up after themselves. Introducing SCRUBS® all-in-one maintenance. This all-in-one pack contains wipes for cleaning appliances, sanitizing hands and even cleaning dishes. The SCRUBS® break room pack is the first and only product designed to maintain a healthy break room.  The SCRUBS® pack contains six different types of wipes and comes in a sturdy caddy, so you can take them with you anywhere you go.

For that messy microwave, SCRUBS® Appliance wipes have the power to cut through baked on, hard messes. For spills, SCRUBS® Green wipes are biodegradable and absorb any material. When you’re finished cleaning up, SCRUBS® Hand Sanitizer wipes sanitize and condition hands so that you don’t have to wash with harsh soaps. These plus others are my go-to for a clean break room.

Don’t forget, a dirty break room means germs and contagious illnesses.  We all need to do our part in keeping the office healthy!