Save Time and Money with Company Lists

Some of us may remember learning about The Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule in school and others not so much.  You may be asking why does it matter?  If you’re looking for ways to improve efficiency and generate savings for your company, let Craft show you how to use Company Lists customized to your needs.

Believe it or not, the Pareto Principle even applies to your purchases of office and break room supplies.  That is, most customers spend approximately 80% of their spend on 20% of items purchased throughout the year.  Think about your core or commonly used office and break room supplies such as copy paper, binders, Post-it notes, ink and toner, pens and refills, cups, creamers and more.

Do you find yourself frequently looking up part numbers?  Do you have people coming to you to order their “go-to” supplies but can’t give you a reorder number?  Are you using Post-it notes or spreadsheets to keep up with items that one department likes versus another or the items you keep in a supply closet?

Using Company Lists helps you organize favorite supplies and preferences that you order frequently saving you time and effort each time you order.  Craft also recommends identifying generic alternatives for cost savings for key items needed on a regular basis.  By identifying and organizing these items with Company Lists, your company not only standardizes core office supplies across the organization, but also, achieves greater cost savings.

Click on Image for Sample of Company Lists

Company ListsAt Craft, we work with each customer to customize Company Lists according to your goals and priorities.  For example, one of our customers identified key break room supplies for all of its break rooms and highlighted those preferred items through Company Lists.  Another customer identified generic brands for preferred filing supplies and janitorial supplies which yielded a 30% cost savings year-on-year.  Let us help you organize your lists by product category, department, or function and start putting The Pareto Principle to work for time and cost savings.  Give us a call!