Save Money with In-House Shredding Options

Shredding is such a chore, no wonder many offices love to outsource the job! Office security has always been important for companies, but how often do you let your shred pile grow because you don’t want to waste valuable time shredding documents? Shredding confidential information can protect you and your business from security breaches and identity theft.  And in some cases, it can help you comply with the law (i.e. HIPAA). Outsourcing may be the best option for a lot of companies, but with the right investment you can save time and money in the long-run by shredding in-house.

Fellowes AutoMax

Introducing the First, Full Line of Truly Walk Away Shredders from Fellowes
Fellowes new line of AutoMax shredders makes shredding more convenient and less time consuming. The AutoMax shredders are truly “walk away,” utilizing superior auto feed technologies that shred stacks of papers as they are – no pulling out staples, paper clips or even smoothing wrinkled papers. Now that’s power.

Can you really save money shredding in-house?
It may seem hard to grasp when you think about normal shredding, but with the AutoMax line of shredders from Fellowes you can save a lot of money by cutting outsourcing costs. According to Fellowes, you can save up to 55% on shredding costs when you invest in an AutoMax shredder and eliminate outsourcing.

At Craft, we carry most of the industry-leading brands along with Fellowes. If you’re looking to cut outsourced shred costs but don’t think the AutoMax line is for you, check out our list of efficient and cost effective HSM Securio shredders.