Relieve Aches with Ergonomic Assessments

When it comes to ergonomics, figuring out the proper solutions can bring a headache of its own. Luckily at Craft Office Systems, we offer ergonomic assessments as part of our FurnitureWorks™ program. Whether it be an employee experiencing work-related discomfort, or someone simply learning proper body positioning and movement techniques to avoid discomfort, let Craft help you optimize your office ergonomics.

Ergonomics provides the complete workplace solutions for your working environment. When you receive a consultation from Craft, we’ll show you how something as simple as a properly positioned keyboard can save you from an achy wrist, or how a new chair can prevent back pain or how simple habits can eliminate possible health issues!


Craft’s ergonomic assessments help boost productivity while making a sound investment in office solutions. But exactly how does ergonomics bring increased productivity?  Well, a comfortable worker is a happy worker – a happy worker is more likely to achieve greater productivity during the day because of an increased comfort level while sitting behind a computer monitor busily getting work done.  Productivity is also increased because workers are actually at their desks – working! Good ergonomics typically eliminate many associated health problems that lead to absenteeism.

Contact Craft today and ask about our ergonomic assessments through our FurnitureWorks™ program. Not only will we set up the layout of your office to promote ergonomics, we’ll also show you stylish furniture solutions that will make your office shine.