Refresh and Renew this Spring – 5 Tips

Spring is on the way which brings thoughts of shamrocks, college hoops and spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is the time to hit the most overlooked spots in your workplace, and make them shine! See below for Hank’s top 5 ultimate spring cleaning tips for your office.

Spring cleaning

  1. Focus on floors – Now that winter’s snow and ice have gone, it’s a great time to give hard floors and carpets a deep-clean.
  2. Freshen “the facilities” – Give restrooms a once-over with fresh-smelling cleaner and disinfectant, then add air fresheners for a fresh, springtime scent.
  3. Enhance your entrance…inside and out – Improve your company’s first impression by freshening up the entry and the area around it. Use the new season as a reason to spiff
    up your lobby or waiting area, too!
  4. Put unused office supplies back to work – Create a collection area where employees
    can drop off supplies they no longer use, and let co-workers “shop” for items they might find useful…at no cost!
  5. Groom your breakroom – Clean out the fridge, scrub out the microwave and wash those coffee pots! Wipe down counters with disinfectant cleaners, too.

For your spring cleaning needs, Craft has leading national brands and value brands, as well as bulk packaging for additional savings. No matter the space you need to clean in your office, we have the products and solutions to spring into cleaning!