• PrintWorks™ FAQ

  • What is MPS?
    Managed Print Services is the proactive management of your imaging and print environment. MPS allows you to monitor, measure, and control your print environment by gaining visibility through detailed analytics – the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Through detailed analytics, you are able to identify opportunities to decrease costs, maximize uptime, and improve productivity.
  • What are the Drivers for MPS?
    Toner outage. . .unscheduled breakdowns. . .help desk overload. . .frustrating experiences having printers maintained and serviced. . .lack of time to focus on mission-critical IT initiatives. . .wondering how your company burns through so much paper when you have gone “paperless”.

    Trying to understand and manage the total cost of ownership for a print environment is like getting lost in a black hole.  Without visibility into your print environment, identifying the total cost of ownership of your print fleet is virtually impossible.  With our MPS solution, you’ll discover cost savings in device overhead including hardware, supplies, maintenance, help desk support, and a more streamlined workflow.  You’ll see what print behaviors by employees drive the demand on your printers, and you’ll identify ways to educate and change printing behavior to further achieve cost savings.

  • Why include end-user behavior when calculating print usage?
    Devices are only one part of the overall equation for a robust MPS solution.  Your end-users drive the demand on your printers. So why ignore the individual who is clicking the print button? 

    Understanding and influencing end-user print behavior is part of a best-in-class MPS solution.  Having analytics for end-user print data gives insights into print practices that drive costs in your business.  Leveraging this business intelligence allows you to define business rules to alert and educate your end users, helping you to lower print volumes, achieve cost savings, and reduce your environmental footprint.

  • What is PrintWorks™?
    PrintWorks™ is our MPS solution that we customize for your specific print environment needs for both small and large businesses. Services available include automated supply management, software for analytics at the device and end-user level, maintenance support for break/fix, help desk support, proactive monitoring, and reporting.
  • Is PrintWorks™ a fit for your organization?
    We recognize that not everyone needs their MPS solution structured the same way.  PrintWorks™ has incredible flexibility and scalability. So whether you work for a small business that uses only one or two printers, or whether you’re part of a large enterprise that utilizes hundreds of printers, PrintWorks™is the right fit for your organization. 

    As part of a PrintWorks™ engagement, we begin by exploring your current environment and creating a snapshot of your existing print fleet.  During this assessment, our best-in-class patent-pending software captures detailed robust information about device utilization and end-user print behavior.  After assessing your existing print environment, we meet with you to discuss our findings and propose recommendations that help your organization achieve cost savings and efficiencies.