Planning and Thinking Ahead of Schedule

With the end of the year approaching, now is the time to think about ordering calendars, planners and organizers for the year ahead.  With daily, weekly, monthly, appointment and wall calendars, there are plenty of useful tools to help you stay organized and on time with deadlines and important dates.  Remember that specialty designs go quickly so order soon for availability!

To help you stay on track with schedules, try some of my useful tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Throughout the day, keep an eye out for supplies that may be running low or any special projects that might require additional tools or supplies.  Keep a running list of items with an indication of the date that you will need to place an order.
  • Delivery Flexibility: No matter how much advance planning you do, there will always be an office emergency or special request. The delivery flexibility of OfficeWorks™ shines when you need something fast or delivered in a certain fashion.  Indicate any special delivery preferences along with your order and we will fulfill your request whenever possible.  Our next-day delivery success rate is over 96% for over 30,000 items!
  • Positive Energy Planning: Always leave room for some Positive Energy Planning.  Use your new calendar to write down birthdays within your office.  Take a look at the timing of birthdays and decide on a way to celebrate them (one celebration of each month’s birthday list or a celebration for each birthday individually).  Whether your office decides on a little desk decoration, a birthday sash, or a birthday cake in the break room, you will be sure to give a boost of positive energy.  Pay attention to the holidays – even an office potluck can give an energy boost to your workplace.