Our 2013 catalogs have arrived!

I don’t know about you, but I always get excited about new supplies. Over the next few weeks, your Relationship Builder will stop by to pick up your old catalog and drop off a new one.

You might be wondering, why turn in my well-used, much-loved, old catalog? Here are a few reasons why I turned in mine:

  • New and updated products! Old catalogs have discontinued products.
  • When you call for help, you will be on the “same page” when talking with our Customer Service team.
  • Save space at your workstation by not having multiple catalogs.
  • Help the environment. We take returned catalogs to a recycling center as part of the My FootPrint program – more information on this coming soon.

When you receive your shiny new catalog, take a moment to look it over and become familiar with the layout. In the front of your catalog there are symbols that will help you identify items that are new, recycled, value packs, assembly required and more. There are also flags on the first page that you can use to highlight different sections of the catalog. I have already flagged my favorites! If you use up all your flags, a removable bookmark is located in the back of the catalog to mark where you left off. To find things in a pinch, a handy index in the back of the catalog makes it easy to search for an item either by manufacturer or product type.