Bringing Value to Your Workplace

No matter your business, it’s important to recognize the economic pressures your company can face, and do everything you can to safeguard against them. For example, with the downturn in the oil and gas industry, you need a committed, smart business partner that will help you with cost containment, management controls, and accountability, while still providing superior customer service.

At Craft, we believe a business partner should never compromise on customer service, no matter the economic climate, and it is our pledge to you that we never will. Our focus is providing outstanding service to meet your needs, while giving you the tools to save time and money. I think the best example of this is our My Craftworks™ program, which offers business tools to weather any economic pressure. Here are just a few of the outstanding services provided:


Sub n’ Save

Why spend money on brand names when you can sometimes get virtually the same product for less? We’ll help you find value brands or brand alternatives to the products you most commonly order, saving you money where you need it most. We create customizable Sub n’ Save lists for your company so when you add an item to your cart, we’ll suggest a different product that costs less. You then decide if the suggested product meets your needs. Simple as that!


Management Controls

Craft offers a number of webstore features to keep track of what your employees are purchasing, including:

– Budget Limits and Monitoring: You’re able to set up yearly, quarterly, and monthly budgets, and grant different levels of budgetary access to individual logins. You track orders by project or budget and monitor company-wide performance.

– Order Approval: Managers can review shopping carts before the orders are submitted. You can set up different approval rules for different managers, or even set parameters for order review, such as any order over $150.

– Company Lists: These lists identify the most used supplies and highlight company preferences. They can also highlight generic alternatives and save time when placing orders.


Business Reviews and Spend Analysis

Business reviews and spend analysis help you save money by monitoring your company’s spending history and patterns. They highlight the trends in your purchases, and identify areas where money can be saved.

My Craftworks™ helps you run your company more efficiently, and also identifies areas where you can save money. To get started, contact Craft today.