Online Company and Shopping Lists

We all know the best way to tackle grocery shopping is to use a shopping list. You buy what you need, you eliminate waste, and you find your favorites. The same principle applies to office supplies. So are you using our online Company and Shopping Lists?

Craft Office Systems

Although post-it notes and staplers have no expiration dates, any overstock of office supplies inventory can add up to money sitting around on your shelves for a long time. And we all know that every office has its “go-to” supplies for pens, binders, paper and more and without these items, work can come to a screeching halt.

At Craft Office Systems, our website offers tools such as Company and Shopping Lists that help you to organize your favorites and preferences, to identify generic alternatives for cost savings, and to identify key items needed on a regular basis. Shopping Lists are assigned to your web user ID and Company Lists are assigned across multiple web users for your organization.

You can organize lists by product category, department, or person and we even have access privileges for viewing Company lists. The lists do not restrict you from ordering other items, so don’t be afraid to add or subtract from your lists.

It’s easy to get started with lists. Give us a call!