• OfficeWorks™

Office supplies usually aren’t a hot topic of conversation as a part of running your business. However office supplies do make the hot topic list when you’ve run out of copy paper, don’t have time to run to the store for envelopes or can’t find post it notes in the supply closet. And while office supplies usually don’t typically comprise the largest expense item on the typical income statement, it’s an expense that receives a lot of attention when it comes to cost-controlling measures within organizations. Ironically, it can prove challenging to track, control and analyze the costs associated with office supplies.

OfficeWorks™ is our approach to helping you save time, money and energy in obtaining the products and services you need to run your business effectively. Below are highlights of the services that we provide:

Relationship Builders – As a customer of Craft Office Systems in the Permian Basin of West Texas, you have your very own Relationship Builder (think salesman/delivery guy/office supply guru all wrapped up in one) that focuses on your specific needs, communicates directly with you, delivers your products, and assists with any questions you may have about our products and services.

We take pride in the fact that our Relationship Builders are unique in our industry. Most office supply dealers keep sales separate from delivery function. However, in the 30 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve discovered that our customers enjoy the benefit of knowing that their orders are being delivered by seasoned professionals who are ready to serve them in whatever capacity is required. If you are located outside of the Permian Basin service area, your Relationship Builder communicates with you about your specific needs at a distance while ensuring proper delivery anywhere in the U.S.

Delivery Flexibility – Depending upon your needs, we can deliver to the front reception area of your office or directly to the individual(s) using the products, known as desktop delivery.

Our desktop delivery service saves you time and money, and gives you the professional service you deserve. While making deliveries, your relationship builder can also accept orders, answer questions, and help resolve any issues you may encounter.

Procurement Analysis – We understand that in your business you continually search for ways to control costs and identify efficiencies. Why not let us help? We can analyze your spending patterns and help you employ proven strategies to realize greater savings.

Examples include:

    • Substitutions – We’ll help you identify house brand substitutions that are of comparable value to the brand name items you may be purchasing.
    • Customized Shopping Lists– We’ll create customized lists of products, which are separated into key product categories, that your employees can purchase from. The items on your customized lists are typically those that have been deemed appropriate quality for their intended use and the best value for your organization.

Spending Analysis – We track your usage of office supplies and can provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports upon request. These reports can help you track spending patterns, prepare budgets, and monitor cost-reduction efforts.

Based on your specific requirements, we can meet with you on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to discuss ways you can achieve further cost savings and how we can better serve you.

Inventory Management– Many of our customers have chosen to “outsource” the management of their supply rooms to us. Upon request we will monitor inventory levels of your critical, high-use products and then make recommendations to replenish stock when levels drop too low.

If you opt for our preferred service, we will order the appropriate supplies for you and restock your supply room the following day, rotating stock to ensure your oldest products are used first. We will also suggest ways to improve the efficiency of your supplies storage area so that capital is not tied up in overstocked items. (Inventory management is dependent upon your location.)

Customized Online Ordering – We recognize that you run your business uniquely to best meet your goals. Our e-commerce solution enables us to design business rules specifically to your organization to help you meet these goals.

  • Order Approval System – Looking for a solution that allows your employees to build orders while you maintain control over their expenditures? Our Order Approval System gives you the visibility and control you need so you can monitor orders that are placed on the web. We’ll work with you to create order approval rules that tell our system which orders require approval and by whom prior to them becoming active. As an order approver, you are able to edit, approve or reject an order prior to it becoming active.
  • Company Lists – You can focus purchases on preferred items or items with special pricing by using Company Lists. A Company List is a list of commonly ordered items that we set up for your organization to provide a quick and convenient method for entering multiple items in an order. Company Lists can be assigned to all users or to specific users within your organization.
  • My Shopping Lists – My Shopping Lists allow you to create and save your own personal lists of items from which you can quickly place orders. This is a handy tool for saving a list of frequently ordered items. Only the individual who sets up a specific Shopping List has accessibility to that list.

Take advantage of our other powerful online shopping tools to save you time and energy. View your company’s discounted pricing, utilize our powerful search engine using criteria-based filtering, access order history information for your web orders, gather sales analysis information for your web orders, view invoices and credits and discover a whole lot more!