Office Ergonomics – Safety Smarts at the Desk

My coworker Sean is a cheerful guy that we can always count on to boost team spirit.  That’s why last week when he started to complain of back pain, I knew that something was wrong, so I checked out his workspace. “Sean!” I said, “Let me teach you a little bit about office ergonomics.”

Ergonomics is the study of workplace efficiency, meaning that people who design workplace environments try and maximize productivity by reducing fatigue and discomfort.  That’s where Craft can help.  We can give you advice on how to improve your work environment through the use of proven techniques and the proper positioning of furniture and computer equipment.  In fact one of our ergonomics experts will even come to you to review your workspace.  And, we have plenty of ergonomic accessories to keep employees comfortable and productive!

Now, I’ve always had problems with poor posture. It’s hard for a hippo to sit up straight! So I like to work with an additional backrest, like this one from Fellowes.

Fellowes Backrest from Craft Office Systems

This backrest gives firm support while promoting neutral posture. Or for simple lumbar support, try a seat/back chair cushion from Master Manufacturing. This support cushion reduces back strain and eliminates fatigue by supporting the spine in the proper position for day-long seating comfort.

Sean ordered a new HON mid-back chair and is already feeling the difference. We believe it is absolutely critical that you have the best chair possible that fits within your budget.  And one size does not fit all people.  We can help you find the best chair to fit your body type and what you require in terms of a chair’s functionality, support, aesthetics and cost.  If you need help figuring out ergonomics and what might work for you, give Craft a call.