Never Run Out of the Essentials

Craft Office SystemsRunning out of supplies can be a hassle, especially when you have a deadline approaching. At Craft, we know that your time is valuable and there is little time to spend on managing office and break room supplies. That’s why we have a variety of solutions to help you. Through My CraftWorks™, we can help keep your supply closet, printer station, and break room stocked with the right products and with optimal levels.

Let us lighten your load. We are the experts at office organization and ordering. This means saving you time, money, and energy – allowing you to focus on more mission-critical activities.

Depending on your need, we can design order forms, stock sheets with suggested par levels, automated scheduled orders via our web store and more to facilitate ordering those day-in-day-out items. We all know that running out of supplies causes some stress in the office so avoid the stress with Craft.

Our complimentary inventory management service helps you monitor the stock of your frequently used items. Many of our customers have chosen to “outsource” the management of their supply rooms to Craft because they trust us to monitor efficiently their inventory levels and to make recommendations to replenish stock when levels drop too low.

Why should you choose Craft to monitor your inventory? Not only do we make sure you have your own personal Relationship Builder, we also look at spending patterns to avoid any disconnects so you don’t run out of, or stock pile, important supplies. And, with over 40,000 items available next-day (from furniture to office supplies to break room supplies), Craft’s next-day delivery service is top-notch. Give us a call if you want to learn more about tips, tools, and more for inventory management.