• My Footprint™ FAQ

Which items do you collect and recycle?
We collect a variety of inkjet and laser printer, fax, copier and multi-function cartridges whether OEM or remanufactured.  If a cartridge cannot be remanufactured, it is disposed of properly.

How much does it cost to participate in My FootPrint™?
The program is free.  If you use our onsite recycling boxes, prepaid shipping labels are provided so there is no freight cost to you.

How do I return ink cartridges and toner?
Either use our onsite recycling boxes or call us and we will come pick up your empty ink and toner cartridges.

How do we package the items we are returning?
A cartridge’s original packaging is always the best way to protect the cartridge during shipping. If you have original packaging, place the empty cartridge in the packaging and place it in the onsite recycling box, or call us for pick up.  Don’t have the original packaging?  Use the following tips:

  • Place larger cartridges on the bottom.
  • Layer with cardboard or newspaper.
  • Place similar cartridges in one layer.
  • Fill gaps and empty spaces with bubble wrap, newspaper or other suitable packing material to protect the cartridges.

Don’t have time to worry about packaging the cartridges?  Call us and we will pick up the recycling box and take care of it for you.  The recycling center will not pay for broken or damaged cartridges.

Can other locations of our organization participate?
Absolutely!  We can provide onsite recycling boxes to any of your locations – in the city or in the field.  When the recycling box is full, use the prepaid shipping label to return the box to the recycling center.

Once we have a full onsite recycling box to return, what do we do?
You can either seal the container and ship the box to the recycling center using the prepaid shipping label, or call us and we will pick up the box to return to the recycling center.

If we don’t use an onsite recycling box, how do I recycle our used ink and toner cartridges?
Call us and we will pick up your empty ink and toner cartridges.

What are the benefits of My Footprint™?
My Footprint makes it easy for you to support the environment and give back to our community.   Let us help your organization recycle ink and toner cartridges while being environmentally responsible. Together we will:

  • Lower waste for landfills.  Every remanufactured laser cartridge saves nearly 2.5 pounds of metal & plastic waste from being deposited in landfills.  Toner cartridge remanufacturing saves over 38,000 tons of plastic and metal from landfills.
  • Support the reuse of resources.
  • Give back to the community through charitable giving – allowing your organization to feel good!