• My CraftWorks™ Program

We understand that not every organization has the same business service needs.  That’s why we don’t try to apply the same solution to each of our customers.  No matter the size and type of your business, you can count on My CraftWorks™  for ways to achieve cost savings, improve work place productivity, and receive the service you deserve.

What is My CraftWorks™?
My CraftWorks™ is our unique systematic approach to helping you select the products and services you need to run your business more effectively.  Through a diagnostic assessment, we identify and analyze the interconnections of furniture, office supplies, break room, facilities and print fleet management within your operations.  Through exploration of your current environment, we’ll make recommendations about how we can help you realize efficiencies in your workplace operations.

As part of our approach, we look at all facets of acquisition cost that impact your organization.  This includes more than just the product you buy and the price you paid for it, and it’s more than just on-time delivery.  It encompasses the expertise that we bring to bear which enables you to make solid decisions about the products and services you need to smoothly and effectively run your operations. Ultimately this enables you to focus more on those activities that are mission-critical to your organization.

We recognize that this approach requires coordination to address your needs from several different perspectives, including your accounts payable department, your purchasing group, your facilities managers, your office management, and your IT staff.  We customize our approach to facilitate this coordination and ensure that all key stakeholders’ needs are addressed and goals are met.

What are the Benefits of My CraftWorks?
Why settle for less with the “Big Box” stores and behemoth online retailers?  At Craft Office Systems you’re more than a faceless account number to us, and we believe you deserve more than just receiving low prices and having your order dropped in your reception area.  After spending time with you to gain a firm understanding of what is most important to you, we tailor CraftWorks™ products and services to meet your specific needs.  You’ll enjoy the benefit of your own relationship builder, a Craft Office Systems® representative who will work closely with you to determine how our products and services can best help your organization save time and money, and ensure that you receive the personalized service you deserve.

We welcome the opportunity to put My CraftWorks™ to work for you.  Call us at 432.561.9118 to experience our Positive Energy.