Lower Acquisition Costs with My CraftWorks™

We all have heard the phrase, time is money. When it comes to buying office supplies, this phrase has always held true. With organizations looking to cut costs on supplies, avoid the trap of spending valuable time on looking for deals or running to multiple stores for the lowest price. While focusing on price alone may seem like saving money, the time spent on researching, sourcing and allocating supplies takes large amounts of time that ends up costing companies more in the long run.

At Craft, we look at all facets of acquisition cost that impact your organization, including more than just the product you buy and the price you pay for it. Our approach combines our expertise and services such as inventory management, assembly and installation, and online tools that help you smoothly and effectively run your operations. Ultimately, this allows you to focus your time on activities that are mission-critical to your organization.

We do this by providing the following benefits through our My CraftWorks Program:

  • Offer competitive pricing with no minimum purchases and no fuel surcharges;
  • Utilize industry leading ecommerce capabilities customized for your organization (e.g., Sub-N-Save, Company Lists, Restricted Lists, Order Approval, Budget Limit and Monitoring, etc. for management control and visibility and lower acquisition cost);
  • Identify substitutions for potential cost savings on a proactive basis;
  • Coordinate ordering and delivery with key points of contact;
  • Rotate stock to help ensure the freshness of your break room supplies and paper;
  • Provide one-stop shopping for furniture, office supplies, facilities, break room and more;
  • Offers free coffee equipment and proactive preventive maintenance for qualifying customers;
  • Provide spend analysis reports that detail purchases from different angles for spending patterns, budget preparation and cost reduction efforts; and
  • Build a partnership based on trust, communication, and tailored service through your Relationship Builder, top-notch Customer Service team and management team with over 60 years of industry expertise.

Contact us today to learn more about the My CraftWorks™ program and how Craft can help lower your acquisition costs.