New Lorell Custom Fabrics for Everyone

Craft Office SystemsWe know that you love the Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program because it gives you the ability to customize your workplace environment with new fabrics and colors. But, did you know that they have more color and chair designs for 2015? One of the new fabric patterns we’re excited to announce is camouflage!

The Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program is unmatched when it comes to choices, and now you can choose a pattern reflecting your favorite hobby right in the office. If you’re an avid hunter and your closet is full of camo, then this pattern is just for you. The durable fabric will add a touch of personality to your workspace without clashing with the design of the office. It’s great to look at and can even start a conversation of swapping hunting stories with your coworkers when they stop by your desk.

Lorell has more planned for 2015 than offering over 100 color and patterned fabrics – they’re also introducing two new chairs. The first new chair is the Lorell Managerial Mesh Mid-Back Chair – an ergonomical design to match the natural curvature of a person’s back, and it comes with all the features and functions you look for in a quality chair. The second new chair is the Lorell Vortex Self-Adjusting Weight-Activated Task Chair. It may sound like a mouthful but this chair is all-in-one simplicity. The chair has a self-adjusting weight-activated, synchro-tilt mechanism that conforms naturally to your body weight. No more messing around with multiple levers to get the right fit!

The Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program offers solid, quality chairs without breaking the bank.  And the best is you can expect a custom chair with a fast turnaround of two weeks.

If you’re interested in the Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program and the new 2015 options, contact Craft. Not only can we help you find the right design to fit your workplace, we can also offer suggestions for the entire office!