Design Your Office with Lorell’s Custom Fabric Chair Program

Your office has unique design needs, which is why we’re pleased to introduce our Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program. This program allows you to customize your workplace environment with new fabrics and colors. Your chair color can be a timeless color like Periwinkle Blue, or a cutting edge pattern like Snakeskin. I personally love the Shire fabric in Real Red because the color is so vibrant and the fabric is really comfortable. No matter your style, we have fabrics and colors that will complement any workplace. My CraftWorks™ Program from Craft

This program is unmatched when it comes to choices. Lorell has over 100 fabrics to choose from. We carry fabrics that are sleek, traditional, and even antimicrobial. Antimicrobial seating is perfect for offices that like to focus on health and wellness. The smooth fabric is not only comfortable for everyone, but very easy to keep clean and maintain while keeping germs at bay.

With the Lorell Custom Fabric Chair program, Craft now has a way to outfit your work environment with top-notch chairs in a wide selection of fabrics to meet any design needs and preferences. Over 100 fabrics for 12 chair styles – my hippo brain can’t even do the math on that one! If you’re ready to update your office design, give Craft a call today.

And don’t forget, we understand that not every organization has the same business service needs. That’s why we don’t try to apply the same solution to each of our customers. Check out our My CraftWorks™ program and let us bring some positive energy to your workplace.