Looking at Habits to Create Savings Solutions

Some of my hippo habits (like my herbivorous cravings and keen sense of bargain hunting) have positive effects, while other habits may cause a drain on my budget or schedule.  While planning ahead can help save money and time by consolidating efforts, additional cost savings can be achieved through a few simple steps of conscientious use and spending.

  • Control Costs with Substitutions: Even though you may be used to ordering a certain brand in a certain color, keep your mind open to brand substitutions.  Let our office expertise help guide you into quality products that can increase your savings.
  • Analyze spending: By analyzing your supply usage and your spending patterns, you will better be able to prepare budgets and spread out your spending throughout the year.
  • Usage Tips: If you notice you are going through paper and toner at a faster rate than you can order it, there may be some end user behaviors that need to be addressed.  Ask us about our PrintWorks™ Program that takes printers and people into consideration to recommend cost saving solutions.