Learn the Dirty Details and Stay Healthy

With the cold and flu season on the horizon, arm your office with cleaning essentials to keep everyone healthy and productive. Before choosing cleaning products, know the differences to make a difference in your office clean ups!

Cleaners – Cleaners are made to remove only the dirt and grime you can see. They’re great for a variety of everyday cleaning tasks, but don’t have any germ-killing agents.

Sanitizers – Sanitizers reduce bacteria, viruses and fungi and help prevent their growth when used to clean surfaces. They remove contaminants, but don’t kill them.

Disinfectants – Disinfectants are designed to kill microscopic organisms, eliminating the source of contamination. Read the labels of particular products to find out which bacteria, viruses and fungi each is designed to kill.

While we carry all the name brands in the industry, one of our favorite brands is the Genuine Joe brand. Count on Genuine Joe for reliability and top-notch performance with cost savings at hand.  Call Craft for assistance in finding the perfect cleaning supplies as remedies for your cold and flu blues!

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