Chill This Summer with Keurig Iced Beverages

At Craft, we believe in providing a variety of beverages so that our customers’ preferences and needs are met. As a Keurig Green Mountain authorized dealer, Craft offers gourmet and flavored coffee, teas and iced beverages!  I’m known to head to the breakroom in the afternoon for a summer pick-me-up, and when I do, I’m in the mood for something other than coffee.

Now that summer is approaching and the temperatures are rising, did you know that a Keurig brewer can do more than brew hot drinks? Keurig brewers can also brew delicious iced coffees and teas.

Here are a few iced beverages we offer here at Craft:

Craft Office Systems, Midland TexasGreen Mountain® French Vanilla Iced Coffee
This blend combines the essence of exotic vanilla with a sweet, creamy body. A French Vanilla iced coffee is the perfect summertime refreshment.

The Original Donut Shop® Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee 
A cooler, sweeter version of the full-bodied, bold and flavorful regular brew, this blend contains medium roast Arabica coffee with a splash of sweet creamer.

Lipton, Celestial and Snapple Iced Teas
It may not have crossed your mind to make iced sweet tea with your Keurig, but I highly recommend it! Nothing tastes better on a hot afternoon than a large glass of sweet iced tea!

We carry Lipton® iced tea that will refresh your mind and body. Made from young leaves and cane sugar, this 100% natural iced tea brings pure refreshment to the office.

Craft Office Systems, Midland TexasI’m a big fan of Southern sweet tea. Celestial Seasonings has perfectly nailed the traditional taste and flavor. Their high-quality black tea mixed with natural milled cane sugar creates a distinctly Southern sweet tea.

I love the Snapple line of iced teas!  From raspberry to peach to lemon, brew a nice tasting glass of tea.  As a hippo, I’m always watching my waistline, so I’m a fan of Snapple’s diet iced teas with no sugar!

So are you ready for summer? It might be time to give Craft a call and ask about our Keurig Green Mountain portfolio of beverages including brew-over-ice.