Justick by Smead – Displaying with Tomorrow’s Technology

Say goodbye to push pins, magnets, tape or glue and say hello to the most advanced bulletin board, whiteboard and corkboard in the market. Check out this video by Smead to see how innovation can bring an energy boost to your office.

Video ShotBulletin Boards – Simply place your materials on the surface and they just stick! Choose from modern aluminum frames or frameless options to display anything from photos, memories, reminders, illustrations and training materials to keep you organized. Finally a solution that lets you stand out from the rest and display what is uniquely important and special in your life!

Whiteboards and Corkboards – Can’t decide between a whiteboard or corkboard for your office or home? Why not pick a solution that does both. Simply place the items on the surface of the board, and they stick without using pins, magnets or tape! Each whiteboard solution has a clear overlay, so grab either dry or wet erase markers and get to it! Write, display and interact with three times the benefit of a traditional board.  Install 4 AA batteries into your board and watch the patented Justick Surface Technology transform the surface from zero adhesion into a powerful force field.