Introducing the All New Aircelli

Bodybilt® offers a depth and breadth of ergonomic solutions for the various functions at your business. Craft is excited to introduce the all new Aircelli office chair – the first mesh chair with lumbar support that actually looks good.

AircelliAccording to Bodybilt®, the Aircelli is the ultra-breathable bastion of back-saving beauty!  Key features include:

  • Intuitive, virtually self-adjusting mechanism provides a multi-position locking recline. It maintains the lumbar support while you’re reclining.
  • Dynamic tensioning provides more support in the lumbar, while feeling relaxed in the upper back.
  • One of only a few mesh chairs with a high back.
  • Suspension mesh technology allowed a design with a frame that provides working clearance. You can move your arms.
  • Mesh fabric is softer than the screen door mesh used by other brands.
  • The comfortable seat offers moderate, minimal and flat contour options.

Call Craft for a free consultation on seating options to reduce work stress pain and discomfort. Greater productivity is the payoff!