Tech Savvy Interactive White Boards

The latest and greatest in meeting collaboration now marries technology with traditional whiteboards. There’s a new whiteboard in town, and its name is interactive. These state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards provide the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard, while also giving you plug-and-play capability to project your computer onto the board to collaborate at the touch of a fingertip.


It feels like you’ve stepped into the future as you control your computer from a whiteboard on the wall with the touch of your finger.  The technology behind an interactive whiteboard wirelessly connects the interactive whiteboard to a projector and to your computer. When you use your fingertip or solid object, such as a pen, on the interactive whiteboard surface, the projector and your computer respond to it as if it were a mouse. And as a bonus, it’s magnetic and it has its own 2GB of memory. Your meetings will burst with ideas of interactivity and collaboration.

Interactive whiteboards are great for training, meetings, and teaching. Give a presentation, have a teleconference, or edit documents so the whole team can have the ultimate interactive and collaborative experience. At Craft Office Systems, certain models of interactive whiteboards are in stock, while others are special order. It all depends on your desired board size and model.

It’s not always about getting the latest technology, it’s about finding the best fit for your company’s needs. If your company tends to have huddles around a small computer or screen with skewed displays and awkward mouse and keyboard controls, an interactive whiteboard may be the right fit for you. Contact Craft Office Systems and one of our Relationship Builders today to learn more.