Instant and Easy Whiteboard Solutions

Collaborating as a team can be a real challenge. You have to get everyone together, at the same time, with the right tools, and in a comfortable setting. And what happens if the only whiteboard available is in the conference room, which is being used for another meeting? Your team doesn’t have time to wait. Instead of herding everyone into one space with one solution, what if you could bring the collaboration space to you and your team?

It may seem like I’m throwing you another hurdle, but I promise I’m not! The solution is simple: Dry Erase Surface from Post-It. This product is a portable dry erase board disguised as a giant Post-It note. All you have to do is unroll, peel and stick onto whatever surface you need to use. Easy!

Craft Office Systems

Whether on a wall or on a conference table, the clean, sophisticated design applies flush to the surface and can easily be cut to size to create a custom whiteboard. Meetings no longer need to be put on hold while the conference room is in use with another group of people; all you and your coworkers do is set up a whiteboard solution with Dry Erase Surface and any room can become a collaborative space.

Craft Office Systems

Everyone knows that collaboration delivers results, so get your Dry Erase Surface products from Craft today and start sharing ideas.