Industry Best Practices: Free Consultation

Ever wonder what are best practices for setting up and running a breakroom or overseeing facilities and janitorial needs?  Craft is the one stop shop for your office supplies and furniture, breakroom, janitorial, warehouse and more. My CraftWorks is our unique approach to helping you select the products and services you need to run your organization more effectively.

We work with you to thoroughly identify any problems or opportunities, and we share best practices we’ve observed in the industry. As your organization grows, oversight and management of breakroom and cleaning supplies become more important.  As part of our approach, we look at all facets of acquisition cost that impact your organization.  This includes more than just the product you buy and the price you paid for it, and it’s more than just on-time delivery.  It encompasses our expertise in the procurement cycle which enables you to make solid decisions about the products and services you need to smoothly and effectively run your operations.  Ultimately this enables you to focus more on those activities that are mission-critical to your organization.