In With the New – Organization is Key

Happy new year from the Craft team!  A new year is the perfect time for a new start and we’re here to help you make the most of 2017 with tips, tricks and products to achieve your goals to make it a great year.

Make a fresh start to the new year by getting organized. Once the old files are out of the way, set up new filing systems so that your file cabinets are logically arranged and contents easy to locate.  Don’t forget some basic tips that help streamline your filing method.

  • Use hanging file folders to organize alphabetically, by subject or category, numerically or by date.
  • If you have bulky, thick files, you may need box-bottom folders.
  • Clearly label all your folders, using labels that you can customize and print on your office printer. Think about tricks that will make your filing system easier to use, such as color-coded folders or labels.
  • If you’re in an office where many people use the same files, create a “checkout” system to keep track of who’s borrowing files, so they can be easily found, if someone else needs them.

Have the need for a large, on-site filing system to save you time, effort and money from off-site storage?  Check out Bankers Box Staxonsteel solutions to save up to 50% in storage space, easy retrieval of files and cut down on costs by going off site.

This system can stack 10 high for maximum space-savings and come with a steel framework interlocking vertically and horizontally. The drawers snap together with poly-lock technology and are reinforced with steel wire and with a steel frame. With reinforced drawers, you can count on smooth movement when opening and closing drawers.  Give Craft a call for a free consultation on how Staxonsteel can help you in 2017.

Stax on Steel