How To Choose the Right Shredder

You’ve decided to cut costs by no longer outsourcing shredding to an outside vendor.  Shredding in-house doesn’t have to be a chore or require a lot of time or oversight.  With the right investment you can save time and money in the long-run by shredding in-house but with so many shredders in the market, how can you tell which shredder best meets your needs?  Check out the features below to help you determine what might work best for you.  Need some help?  Call Craft and we will help find a few options for you on features and pricing.

shredding pictureSecurity Levels – Depending on your shredder, an 81⁄2 x 11 ” sheet of paper can be shredded into as few as 39 or as many as 15,000+ pieces. The smaller the pieces, the higher the security level. It’s important to know the basics around security levels and what each level means. Here’s a quick reference guide:

  • P-2: Basic Security (39 strips per sheet) – Strip-cut shredders.
  • P-3 & P-4: Medium Security (302 & 397 pieces per sheet) – Cross-cut shredders.
  • P-5: High Security (3,770 pieces per sheet) – Micro-cut shredders.
  • P-7: Government Approved (15,081 pieces per sheet) – Government approved high-security shredders.

Sheet CapacityHow many sheets the shredder will shred at a time. Also look for models that will shred staples, paper clips, CD/DVDs & more which gives you more versatility.

Duty CycleDuty cycle is the ratio of shredding to cool-down time required. For example, a 20/40 duty cycle means that after 20 minutes of shredding, a 40-minute cool-down is needed. Continuous duty shredders do not require cool down periods.

Usage – Our catalog color codes the shredders for easy identification based on heavy duty, medium and light duty volume.  This gives you information on expected number of users or departments, waste bin capacity, motor run times (continuous or cool down needed) and sheet capacity.

Color Coded Chart – Click Image to EnlargeUsage and Duty Cycle