How My Footprint™ Benefits You

I’ve been snooping around and I see a lot of our customers haven’t signed up for My Footprint yet.  If you’re still not sure about participating, let me assure you that there are only benefits to signing up.

My Footprint is an easy way to support the environment and give back to our community.  Not only is recycling a wise business choice, it also is an environmentally responsible decision. Every remanufactured laser cartridge saves nearly 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic waste from being deposited into landfills.  All totaled toner cartridge remanufacturing prevents over 38,000 tons of plastic and metal from reaching landfills.

Did you catch the part where I said My Footprint gives back to the community?  Well it does in more ways than one.  Not only are you helping improve the environment, but for every dollar Craft receives for returning empty ink and toner cartridges, we donate the entire buyback value to local charities.