How Big Are You Into Saving?

What do you like to save?

Paper clips, rubber bands, plastic containers from restaurants. Those are a few things I find myself saving for later, but you know the three main things everyone likes to save?

Time, money and stress.

HP understands that your time is valuable, that’s why they give you the option to buy in bulk. If you have a high volume office, HP multipacks and high-capacity cartridges – available in LaserJet, toner and ink cartridges – may be the key to saving resources.

HP Multipack from Craft Office Systems

Compared to standard cartridges, high capacity ink and toner cartridges can save you up to 35% or more! Multipacks are packages of 3 standard cartridges and could save you up to 10%. That’s money saved for other office supplies, like a company picnic!

Saving time with multipacks and high capacity cartridges is easy. There is less time spent replacing the cartridges and ordering is a breeze. We make it convenient for you by keeping it down to one SKU. And don’t forget, we make it easy to recycle used cartridges with our My FootPrint™ program. However by using fewer cartridges you further help to protect our environment. Fewer cartridges mean less waste! And your recycling efforts channel money back to our community by supporting local non-profits. It’s win-win!

So how can buying HP multipacks and high capacity cartridges save you stress? Think of it this way, with the time and money you save, there’s no excuse not to throw a company picnic! HP provides hassle-free printing which leaves every office stress-free.